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  • Masteron is combined with Testosterone for dry muscle mass or to lose weight. It prevents fluid retention and gynecomastia by Testosterone and causes fat and moisture loss itself. Masteron prevents aromatase from Testosterone to estrogen. In this way it prevents fluid retention and gynecomastia by Testosterone and makes Testosterone very suitable for dry muscle mass and weight loss. Masteron provides extra muscle strength without increasing muscle mass and is therefore popular among martial artists and athletes. It also gives muscles a harder look. Masteron Enanthate is often combined with Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate and possibly with Trenbolone Enanthate and Winstrol.

    Masteron 100mg/ml

    Product DOSAGE QUANTITY Per vial Price Order
    Masteron100mg/ml10ml 1vial$50.00$50.00
    Masteron100mg/ml20ml 2vial$50.00$100.00
    Masteron100mg/ml30ml 3vial$50.00$150.00
    Masteron100mg/ml40ml 4vial$50.00$200.00
    Masteron100mg/ml50ml 5vial$47.50$237.50
    Masteron100mg/ml60ml 6vial$47.50$285.00
    Masteron100mg/ml70ml 7vial$47.50$332.50
    Masteron100mg/ml80ml 8vial$47.50$380.00
    Masteron100mg/ml90ml 9vial$47.50$427.50
    Masteron100mg/ml100ml 10vial$47.50$475.00

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    Masteron is popular to reduce fat percentage in a cut cure, increase muscle density and hardness.

    Product description
    Active period
    Masteron enanthate: 8 days
    Masteron propionate: 2 to 3 days

    Masteron Dose
    Masteron enanthate: 400 to 600 mg / week
    Masteron propionate: 350 to 500 mg / week

    Acne: Yes
    Water retention: No
    High bloodpressure: Rarely
    Damage to liver: No
    Aromatization: No
    DHT conversion: No, it is a derivative of DHT
    Subdr. hormone prod.: Yes

    Operation of Masteron
    Masteron is a strong androgen. It does not aromatize, in fact, it consumes many aromatase enzymes without being changed. Because masteron is so androgenic, you do not need to expect a large increase in muscle mass while the muscle strength is increasing. For this reason, it is almost exclusively used during cutting. In a cut cure it is often used by bodybuilders with a low fat percentage to give the muscles a harder look. It is also an interesting tool for athletes who are divided into weight classes because the muscle strength increases while the body weight remains the same or becomes lower. In a cut cure, masteron must be combined with other means because it itself can not ensure that enough muscle mass is retained.

    Use of Masteron
    Two injectable variants of masteron are available: masteron propionate and masteron enanthate. The first must be injected between every day and every 2 days, while for the last one time per week is sufficient. Normal doses are around 500 mg per week. For a cut cure while maintaining muscle mass, it can be stacked with boldenone. Another popular stack is masteron propionate with testosterone propionate, winstrol and possibly trenbolone acetate. Masteron enanthate can be combined with testosterone enanthate and trenbolone enanthate.

    Masteron Side Effects
    Because masteron suppresses hormone production, the testicles will temporarily shrink and sometimes temporary erectile dysfunction may occur. Furthermore, prostatic hypertrophy, acne and oily skin, increased body hair and headaches may occur. The risk of heart disease is increased by masteron. Masculinity can occur in women.